Eddsworld villian
First appearance Zombeh Attack
Last appearance The Snogre
Created by Edd Gould

Zombies, or Zombehs as spelt in Eddsworld, are often featured in Edd's work. This series started out as a short film on Newgrounds called Zombehs, which eventually evolved into a series. Sometimes, even his own friends become Zombehs (notably Matt). The series of toons Zombeh Attack, as well as the flash stand alone Zombeh Nation have both been a great success and are among Edd's most popular work. They have been on the front-page of Newgrounds and won some trophies. Edd has not hinted at any other of his films featuring Zombehs. However there are a few in Bang, Boom, Splat!,and were also featured in Hello Hellhole. Zombehs also appear briefly in WTFuture, when Future Edd travels back to the time of Zombeh Attack . The hands of a few Zombehs can be seen sticking up from their graves in Tord's Adventure, but are shot down by the title character before they fully emerge.

According to Edd, the best weapon to battle a zombeh hoarde is a very big knife, or a fork. Tord used a fork and spoon to battle some Zombehs in Zombeh Attack. Althought other weapons have been used, such as a chainsaw, a spade, guns, daggers, a car, a Cymbal-banging monkey (Although Matt believes this to be too predictable) a mop, a baseball bat and a rubber chicken.

It seems as though there are a few things which influenced Edd in the creation of these videos. In fact it does not just seem so, it is obvious that there are. The two most obvious are Dawn of the Dead, and its parody, Shaun of the Dead. He has used many songs from these two movies over the course of his video making career, such as The Gonk, the theme from Shaun of the Dead, and more.


  • Zombeh Attack I: Zombehs had invaded the town Edd and the others were in and were after their brains. Matt becomes a civiled Zombeh and starts a army of Zombehs. While Edd and Tom fought them, Tord becomes a Zombeh and bites (or tries to and was defeated offscreen) the other two while they were driving away from the town
  • Tord's Adventure: Zombeh hands had popped out of the graves leading to Edd's house. Tord simply shoots them all down and continues on his way.
  • Zombeh Attack II: Matt and Tord come to back to life as civiled zombehs. Tord goes over to Edd for help while Matt goes to Tom. Both of their goals was to get the necronomicon, a book would lift the Zombeh curse off them. They go across the zombeh infested town. Eventually, Tord finds the right book and has the curse lifted off him while Matt gets the wrong book and is sucked into it.
  • Zombeh Nation: Matt is trapped in a Zombeh infested underground train station and it's up to the gang to save him.
  • Zombeh Attack III: Matt has escaped from Hell and is trying to destroy the town. Tom and Edd go after him and eventually he is defeated when he falls down on a conveniently placed fondue set. It turns out Edd and Tom have been bitten during the fight and they wait till they die until edd and tom reanimated and become zombehs.
  • Hello Hellhole: Edd, Matt, and Tord eat at a place called Zombee [though not spelled the same way] Cafe. Many zombehs were working at the restaurant.
  • Bang, Boom, Splat!: On level 3, the enemies you had to shoot were Zombehs.
  • WTFuture: Zombehs were briefly shown when Future Edd had returned to the past and ended up at the time where Matt gets his arm bitten off by a Zombeh.
  • Zanta Claws is technically a civiled zombeh as he is the real Santa Claus who died centuries ago. Another proof of this is that he eats people's brains.
  • 5 Questions: Althougth not technically an appearance, they were mentioned only, and Edd recons a very big knife or a fork would be a usefull weapon to use in combat them, and proceeds to stab a zombeh in the face with a fork.
  • Zombehs!: Two zombehs appeared in a short flash Edd posted on his newgrounds account, where two zombeh's slowly walked towards Edd, Tom and Tord while they are unsure what to do
  • Asylum of the Zombehs: The Zombeh's are underground!!!, they trapped a girl called Gwen in the Zombeh Asylum, they got killed yet again but sadly Edd and the gang couldn't save Gwen as she trapped in a ship which was locked and stiffed
  • The Snogre: They appear at the end of the episode as the falling nuclear waste which was inside of the Snogre landed as acid rain on people and they turned into Zombehs
  • Zombieland: The Zombehs return in the last episode of PremierNetwork's Eddsworld series. They are even worser than ever.
  • Fun Dead: The Zombeh's make an official return in this non-released (yet) episode.
  • Series 3, Episode 5: The Zombehs return! But this time, on the streets of London.

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