Tom is Innocent/Guilty is a fanon created by Guismus


Tom gets sued for the Christmas damage


  • Edd
  • Tom
  • Matt
  • Tord (Last)
  • Judge Jury (First)
  • Sergant Hilason (Last)
  • Paul (Last)
  • Zanta (Last)
  • Toms mom (First)
  • Toms dad (First)
  • Tomee bear (Cameo)
  • Edduardiou (Last)
  • Edd from rock bottom (Last)
  • tom from rock bottom (Last)
  • Eye Tom (Last)
  • Bing (Last)
  • Larry (Last)


  • Tom mom is a watermelon And Tom dad is a bowling ball
  • Larry only speaking line is "The eyeless guy is just eyeless"

Pick the endingEdit

If you want to know the ending vote in the comments this ends at 10/25/12

  • Vote one: Tom is innocent
  • Vote two: Tom is guilty
  • Ending: To is guilty and is sent to 25 years in prison until Tord throws a Bowling ball at Larry making bing say "YOU MONSTER" Punching Tord shoe knocks out Tom And hockey Mask guy roars and attacks the court room Causing a brawl in the court room Tord says "FORGET IM NEVER COMING BACK"



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