Eddsworld episode
"The Forbidden Annex"
Forbidden Annex1
Andrew, Edd and Matt mucking about
Episode no. Series 1
Episode 11
Guest stars James Corden
Keria Knightly
Rio Ferdinand
Sebastian Coe
Tom Daley
Paul McCartney
Original airdate 25 January 2013
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"Lost Souls" "Space Academy (mini-episode)
Protector of All Worlds"
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The Forbidden Annex is an episode of PremierNetwork's Eddsworld


During a trip to snowy Amsterdam to see the Anne Frank House, Matt accidentaly finds a hidden device underneath a book shelf in the house, it sends back Edd, Tom, Andrew and himself with leaving Harry behind to investagate -- how did it end up there?


In the city of Amsterdam, Andrew is wearing warm clothing as he stands with Edd and Tom while Matt and Harry go and get something to eat and drink for them and the rest of the gang. While in front, Paul is speaking to Edd and Andrew.

Tom interupts them when they are being put in the ticket office. Edd pays the tickets and goes in.  Andrew looks at a book which was written in 1942 and looked through the pages though the pages are ripped because of him, he hides it in a drawer so secruity can't see him.

Harry meanwhile has to stand at the back of the line holding food and drink, he sighs. Meanwhile back in the house, Matt finds a device underneath a book shelf, he looks at Edd, Tom and Andrew and clicks the button, they fall in the year 1939, Andrew mentions his grandfather, Andrew was born in 1939.

Harry is then sitting on the ground looking up and then the Amsterdam Police pull him up for buying food and drink and bringing it into the museum grounds.

Andrew is forced to go with a large group heading to a camp but Tom throws a Vodka bottle and tells him to run, a Nazi solider gets drunk by the Vodka bottle, 15 mintues later, there is a group of Nazi soliders chanting "CHUG, CHUG, CHUG, CHUG!!!!" after they are all drunk

At the police station, Harry is fined 5000 Euros but after that happened, the world changes into something new, very new. Andrew, Tom, Edd and Matt go back to the year 2013 and something bad has happened, the war continues on for 73 years to the present and world has been taken over by the Germans.TO BE CONTINUED...

DVD releaseEdit

The episode was be released on Eddsworld: The Complete First Series


The episode will release on this DVD


  • The working title was Hitler, Guns, Madness
  • Edd, Tom, Andrew and Matt get taken to a camp where they nearly die
  • The airdate of the episode is on the 25th January which is Burn's Night in Scotland where Andrew is from
  • 25th January is also Wikia user EddsworldStickman's half-birthday
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