Hello and welcome to the Eddsworld Project, here are the policies which are basically rules here on this wiki

Not a public wikiEdit

The Eddsworld Project is not a public wiki, it is a personal project which means it is created by a user who's content is only created by himself/herself that isn't created for public needs. A personal project wiki is a wiki that is created individually or in groups. So please do not add pages, pictures etc. The only two users that are allowed to add pages, pictures etc, is myself, MEGAKID III and EddsworldStickman who created this project together.

If you do add contentEdit

If you do add content, I will give you a warning and if you do it again you will be blocked on the wiki for infinite time.


There will be warnings handed out if you vandalise etc.

  • First Warning - You will not be blocked. Just a giving out warning
  • Second Warning - If you continue to do bad things and add content, you will be blocked for 3 days
  • Third and Final Warning - If continuing, you will be blocked for infinite time

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