Stickman Poster
Stickman is a comic created by Andrew. It was created in May of 2011


Joseph "Stickman" Stickler used to live a quiet life in his house in Stick Land. He stayed home watching TV and drinking every day. Until one day, he got a delivery at his door. He dragged himself over to the door. He then met a drunk mailman with a package (whom Stickman called "noob"). He opened it to find his 3DS had arrived in the mail. The drunk mailman dragged himself into Stickman's home and plopped down on the couch. He turned on the TV. Stickman then yelled "Get out, noob!" But at that time, a car crashed through his roof, crushing the mailman. He yelled "What the crap?!" and ran to the car, but at that time, his house collapsed.  At that time, his friends came over, surprised by the pile of rubble that used to be his house. After the experience he moved and his new friends had to move with him.


  • Stickman will appear in Andrew's Crazy World
  • Soon after it was renamed Stickman's World and changed back to Stickman after Retro Comic Month (a holiday creator Andrew Palmer made up. It takes place in October)
  • An animated series focusing on Stickman's life is in the works

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