Eddsworld character
First appearance Edd Again
Last appearance The End
Country of origin United Kingdom
Created by Edd Gould

Ringo is the name of Edd's Cat who appeared in the very first Eddsworld episode Edd Again. He is grey with black stripes.

About RingoEdit

Ringo's first appearance was in Edd Again. He was sitting outside the glass doors in Edd's front room, waiting to be let in. He proceeded to follow Edd up the stairs and into his room, where he slept on a pile of Edd's clothes. He was dreaming about sitting outside in the cold until Edd opened the glass doors and let him in. He was mentioned briefly at the end of 25ft under the seat when Tom apologies for "breaking" Edd's cat, then when he realizes they weren't going to die, he tells Edd he wasn't sorry. Ringo's name came from Ringo Starr form the Beatles


Ringo once again makes an appearance in The Snogre, he can be seen near one of Matt's snowmen. He also reappears in Fun Dead at the start of the episode.

And in Mirror Mirror after Edd destorys the door with the sword he's "only had for 10 minutes" Ringo is seen walking though the cat door before meowing and walking off.