Eddsworld character
First appearance The Snogre
Last appearance The End Part 2
Country of origin Poland
Created by Thomas Ridgewell

Patryck is a character from Eddsworld who so far appeared in The Snogre and Fun Dead.


He was on a plane with Paul when it crashed into a cloudberg, Paul thought it ws an iceburg but he corrected Paul and then soon after the plane crashed, he somehow survived (The Snogre)


Himself and Paul fighting the Hoard

Patryk in the future is fighting the Hoard with Paul, this might be the cause of the Zombeh attack. Tord was watching him and Paul in the shadows. (Fun Dead)


  • He's so far one of the only legacy donator character that has made an appearance in more than just one eddisode
  • He and Paul are the cause behind the events of The Snogre and Fun Dead, what with their plane crashing into a cloudberg.
  • His human self is one of the Eddsworld: Legacy donators and is voiced by himself.
  • He has a youtube channel called DuDul.