Eddsworld episode
"Next Stop, America!"
Episode no. Series 2
Episode x
Original airdate 24 May 2013
Episode chronology
Previous Next
"Landing to America" "Trip to the US"
List of all Eddsworld episodes

Next Stop, America is a short leading up to the 2013 movie, Trip to the US.


Edd, Tom, Matt and Andrew land in America but still shocked while seeing Tord.


  • Edd
  • Andrew
  • Tom
  • Matt
  • Tord
Series 1 Series 2 Episodes
Coming to AmericaCold FlightMayday!Landing to AmericaNext Stop, America!Trip to the USOpening of the DamnedRobotic Mind • Hidden in Water • Future Bust • Locked! • Road to Ibiza • Going Underground • Hider in the House • Vertanox • Tom's Tales of SummerThe Nightmare Ghost • Journey to the Centre of Edd's House • Robots In Black • Curse of the Antibodies • A Man Who Wants You Dead • Warrior in Ice

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