Mine Turtle
asdfmovie character
Mine Turtle (1)
First appearance asdfmovie4 (non-seen)
Last appearance asdfmovie6

Mine Turtle is an asdfmovie character. He has a button on him and if you touch and click it, he will explode.



Mine Turtle was created by Tom who did Drunk Science. Once he tried to try him out, the police came and said "Look, he's got a nose...wait no he doesn't!". He was then dumped in a Mine Field and a little boy skated over him and died when a polie officer warned him not to go near the Mine Field before.

Travelling Around the WorldEdit

The Mine Turtle went around the world from Cairo to Madrid. He met the I Like Trains Kid at an unknown point.

In asdfmovieEdit

Mine Turtle first appeard in asdfmovie5 where a man said to him "Hello Mine Turtle" and he replied back "Hello". A little girl found the Mine Turtle and went to her mother and said to her "Mummy, mummy look a turtle". For no reason at all he flipped over and exploded. Then soon after a man didn't want to step on him but soon after he was crushed by Lama who was driving in the car (asdfmovie5)

He appeard as a cameo as there was opera singers singing "Hello, hello, hello, hello". One opera singer stepped on the Mine Turtle and said "Hello" and all of the opera singers said "Oh no!" and then all of them exploded (asdfmovie6)

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