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  • Show episodes if there real I really do like ans eddsworld project but please MEGAKID relsease some episodes can you show the clip that's shows Harry's death From Pablo to MEGAKID III

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  • Hey MEGAKID, I got a few questions I have to ask about this wikia and what the overall purpose of it.

    #1) The point of it?

    There is already an Eddsworld wikia in operation which has alot of the same info already available over there as there is here, so why just take all that info and dumb it in a new place.

    #2) Some of the info on this wikia?

    I've dug around this wikia and found alot of pages and so on discussing Eddisodes that don't appear to exist anywhere. I've even found some pages referencing a network called "Premiere Network" and its own TV series of Eddsworld.

    Yet I cannot find any such information actually existing anywhere. No mention of a television show of the Eddsworld series, and so on. So what is this exactly and what is it referencing?

    Please get back to me soon, as I could really clarification on these matters. Thanks.

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  • Dude amazing wiki! can you try my eddsworld fanon character who has a black jacket or hoodie a red shirt black pants and boots?

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    • Hello, thank you for your message. If you want to create an account and create pages feel free. About your Eddsworld character, do you mean draw it or create a page?

      Thanks, MEGAKID III

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