Name: Luke
First Appearance: Ghost in the House
Tenure: {{{tenure}}}
Voice Actor: Unknown (due to appear in Eddsworld TV series)

Luke Tyson is a character in Andrew Comics


Luke was trapped somewhere he didn't know, he met Andrew and Niki as they went into an abonded house and wanted Andrew to find him. He warned him because there was a ghost living in the depts of the house. Luke finally met with Andrew but sadly he was not real as he was a ghost, he was very upset that he thought he was real but he was not real. Luke told Andrew about her little sister, Abigail who is to warn him in the far future, his final words to him before he disappeard was, Go...and run! (Ghost in the House).


Luke Tyson - list of appearances

Eddsworld appearancesEdit

  • Opening of the Damned


  • Luke is similar to Clara Oswald from Doctor Who as Clara says to the Doctor before she dies Run you clever boy...and remember while Luke says "Go...and run!.

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