Laurel (Laurel Dearing) is a female actress seen in MovieMakers as a cast audition who makes the part because the cast recruiter (Shoe) fell in love with her shoes

Eddsworld character
First appearance Movie Makers
Last appearance

Asylum of the Zombehs

Created by Edd Gould

Laurel is also quite talented and hyperactive. However, Shoe killed her and then dragged her away to make love to her shoes. (Movie Makers)

Later after the credits, Shoe is seen with Laurel's shoes by Edd, who looked rather traumatized after seeing this. (Movie Makers)

Laurel appears again as a cameo as a zombie at London Underground (Asylum of the Zombehs)

For the 2013 Comic Relief Special, Laurel appears apart of the board to decide what Eddsworld character should go to Africa to do the appeal film


  • Also, real Laurel is a common friend of Tom. She is seen a lot with Tom, espially in Tom's day out 1-3.
  • MovieMakers is Laurel's only appearance with blue hair, she reappears in Asylum of the Zombehs as a zombie in London Underground. Usually, her hair is pink. It is interesting to note that a girl with pink hair can be seen in the Eddisode Random Bits.
  • Tom stated in a vokle that she was going to be a main character, but when he pitched that idea to Edd, Edd said something along the lines of ("Oh boy, a girl. We could do an episode where everyone falls in love with her"), but once Tom knew that was Edd's plan for that, he edited the script and killed her off.