Jenna Jenny Hardfield
Andrew Comics character
Jenna by MEGAKID IIIJenna in 2013
First appearance The New World
16 January 2011
Last appearance One More Adventure
12 April 2013
Created by MEGAKID III

Jenna Hardfield (or Jenny in 2011—12) is a character in Andrew Comics from 2011—2013. She is Zane's older sister. Jenna joined Andrew's gang back in 2011 and met a boy named Jack. She is a young police officer who works at the Dundee Police Service, her main campus is at Riverside.

She is to be killed off in the April 2013 comic, One More Adventure with Zane and Danny


  • Jenna appeard before Zane in the Adventure Club comic series

 Amy Pond relationsEdit

  • To some concerns, she looks similar to Amy Pond from Doctor Who.
  • Jenna (on the picture) also wears a similar t-shirt to what Amy wore in Dinosaurs on a Spaceship
  • Also, as a fact, Amy was a kissagram and she wore a police outfit in The Eleventh Hour and A Christmas Carol when Jenna is a police officer

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