Eddsworld character
First appearance Hammer and Fail
Last appearance Space Face: Part Two (cameo)
Country of origin United Kingdom
Created by Edd Gould

Eduardo is seemingly a negative twin of the main character; Edd. Eduardo is the Main Villian in the Eddsworld Flashes. He appears in Hammer and Fail and Space Face.

Physical AppearanceEdit

He carries a resemblance to Edd. He has brown hair, a mostache and instead of wearning a hoody, he wears a green button shirt.


As opposed to Edd, Eduardo has an American accent with shades of a Brooklyn accent. Further, unlike Edd, Eduardo seems to have an obsession with Diet Coke.

Edd and Eduardo's rivalry began when their shipments of Coke and Diet Coke. Coke became mixed up shortly after Eduardo moved into Edd's neighborhood; Eduardo probably believed that Edd mixed up the order on purpose. Eduardo also created a giant cardboard extension to his house in order to look better than Edd. He also gladly watches as Edd, Tom and Matt are beaten up by the ghost in their house and as they destroy their possesions. However, when Edd does the same when he is attacked, he swears revenge on him.

Like Edd, he fights with his friends, but unlike Edd's mostly friendly disposion, Eduardo treats his friends like pets
185px-Space face part 2 15

Eduardo with Jon and Mark

and property of his and seems to have a grudge against Jon, whom he calls a useless idiot. When Jon tries to correct him, he threatens to punch him in the face, which he later does for no apparant reason. This could be the reason the ghost wanted to attack him.

It is interesting to note his appearance was punctuated with a Latin style guitar lick, which is also the sound made by his doorbell. (Hammer and Fail)

He appears on the Sagrafar 7 ship with his friends Jon and Mark angry at Edd, Tom and Matt (Space Face: Part Two)