Eddsworld episode
"Trip to the US"
Episode no. Series 2
Episode 1A (Movie)
Original airdate 25 May 2013 (UK, US)
26 May 2013 (EU)
27 May 2013 (ASIA)
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"Next Stop, America!" "Opening of the Damned"
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Eddsworld: Trip to the US is a film about Edd going to the USA for the first time with Andrew, Matt and Tom. The release date is in May 2013. It aired at 5.15pm on PremierNetwork


After returning to the USA, Edd is chased by the CIA but can he escape with Andrew and Tord's help? But there is one secret left unanswered, what is the C.H.I.A?


After landing in America, Edd and the gang hire a car and head to their villa, after arriving Tom and Matt stay at the villa meanwhile Edd and Andrew go to Walmart, Andrew states to Edd "I love Walmart", "Heh, heh, heh, me too". Matt jumps in the villa pool meanwhile Tom is sitting watching TV.

At the checkout of Walmart, there is a wanted poster with Edd, Matt and Tom on it, Edd starts worrying and gets the bags quickly.

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The film is given out 5 prequels for the lead-up to the premiere on May 25, 2013

DVD release


DVD page: is here
The film will be released on DVD in June 2013


  • Tord-paul's-style

    Tord appeared in the film, looking like this. This artwork was done by SgtShadowWalker

    Harry was going to be in the movie
  • Eduardo appears in the movie
  • Every character from Eddsworld except Harry and a few others is assumed to be in the movie (even Tord)
  • Jon appears fighting with Tom
  • The gang go to Utah
  • When Edd drives to Utah, he puts on the radio Bohemian Rhaspbody by Queen hears, the scene is a parody of Wayne's World and actally Eddsworld got it's name from Wayne's World
  • Edd gets pulled up by the CIA
  • Tord is unhappy for some reason
  • Tord meets Andrew for the first time
  • The CIA and FBI are involved in this movie
  • Tord becomes good friends with Andrew
  • Edd asks why Tord left in the first place

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