Eddsworld: The Complete First Series
Region 2 DVD
Home video release
DVD release
Reigon 2 May 18, 2013
Reigon 1 May 19, 2013
Limited edition June 1, 2013
Blu-ray release
Reigon 2 May 25, 2013
Limited edition June 10, 2013
Season chronology
-                                                                 Series 2

Eddsworld: The Complete First Series is a DVD which has the first series of PremierNetwork's Eddsworld. It released on May 18, 2013

Episodes on the discs


Side view of the DVD

Disc 1 - Episodes 1-3

  • Asylum of the Zombehs
  • Are You Seeing This
  • The Day Tom Ruled Christmas

Disc 2 - Episodes 4-7

  • A Mysterious Foe
  • Oh Cousin, Where Art Thou?
  • Killer Queen
  • Eddinburgh

Disc 3 - Episodes 8-10

  • V is for Venix
  • Mystic Medley
  • Lost Souls

Disc 4 - Episodes 11-14

  • The Forbidden Annex
  • Protector of All Worlds
  • The Animator Delux
  • Angels Don't Frighten Me!

Disc 5 - Episodes 15-19

  • The Cannon of Doom
  • Earthodux
  • Handing
  • Matt's Amazing Tales of Smiles
  • Zombieland

Disc 6 - 2012/2013 Specials

  • Children in Need 2012
  • Space Academy
  • Who Should Go to Africa?

Limited edition

Eddsworld: The Complete First Series (Limited Edition)
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Reigon 2 DVD cover
Home video release
DVD release
Reigon 2 June 1, 2013

The limited edition is another DVD boxset prior to this one, it will have a diffirent cover. The DVD still remains the six discs as the orignial DVD but also in this boxset, it includes:

  • Eddsworld book (Guides you threw the episodes)
  • Posters and cards
  • Eddsworld mini-mats
  • 2 Eddsworld episodes (WTFutureSpace Face)
  • Sneak preview to Series 2
  • Eddsworld mini-cup



    The original DVD design, it was axed because Future Edd did not appear in the series and the cover looked dodgy

    The first design DVD cover was axed because the design of the DVD looked quite dodgy and Future Edd did not appear in the series although he was mentioned by Tom in Asylum of the Zombehs
  • The special edition (which is planned to release in July 2013) will give the collector a: Cup, Posters, Mats and more