Dundee Police Service

Dundee Police Service is the name of the fictional police force in Dundee, Scotland. The head of the Dundee Police Service is Sgt Nicholas Gordon. The police force was founded in 1922 at the Riverside campus where the Riverside campus building was home to the Dundee Police Service until 1953 when the main building was moved to the city centre.

Not only does Dundee Police Service just have 2 stations, they have 4 more campuses, North, Lochee, Broughty Ferry and Bowbridge, all of the forces have an office on all the outsirks of the areas, the campuses' logos are all the same but with diffirent colours



  • Dundee Police Service was oringally going to be the Tayside Police but was changed during the script
  • Jenna was forced to join the police force in 2013

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