On several occasions in Eddsworld, Doctor Who has been seen or referenced. This year 2013, marks Doctor
Doctor Who - Current Titlecard

Doctor Who title card as of 2013

Who's 50th Anniversaray.

List of appearances

  • WTFuture: TARDIS is seen in the background and bad wolf is also seen.
  • Christmas Day 09': Doctor was seen on the tele, playing with a actual screwdriver. Joke on sonic screwdriver.
  • And on a slight note: On Matt's Inky keyboard channel, He made a Doctor Who parody called Docter WTF.
  • Plus, Edd died while watching a "funny" episode, and was buried with the theme song ringing.
  • The latest episode, Space Face, has a Dalek head, The latest 2 doctor's Sonic screwdrivers, etc.
  • In Space Face: Part Two, the TARDIS is saw floating in space before Edd sees Eduardo in the ship
  • In Angels Don't Frighten Me!, the Weeping Angels from the show appear as a parody

Episode parodys


  • The Snogre (parody of the 2012 Christmas special, The Snowmen)


  • Angels Dont Frighten Me!
  • Opening of the Damned

Real life point of view

  • MEGAKID III, creator of this wiki clears to be a big fan of Doctor Who