Danny Johnston
Andrew Comics character
Introduced by MEGAKID
Duration 2005–07, 2013
First appearance Danny
4 April 2005
Last appearance One More Adventure
12 April 2013

Danny "Daniel" Johnston is a character that appeared on Andrew Comics from 2005-2007 and 2013. He is created by MEGAKID



Danny was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. He moved to Dundee at the age of 4 and met Andrew in nursery. Danny got into trouble alot and was banned from nursery

In 2007, he moved to the United States where he met some new friends. Danny then moved to England where he lived in London which was mentioned by Andrew when he got a text message from him


Danny is to return for 2013, his character will be back in Dundee when he encounters Andrew and Zane in an epic thriller. Danny is to replace Jenna as Andrew and Zane have vancany for a third member of the gang.

Danny is to be killed off in the April 2013 comic, One More Adventure

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