Format Comic
Written by MEGAKID III
Country of origin United Kingdom
Page(s) 121
Released May 7, 2013
Last Last Full Year (2011)
Next Multiple Lifes (2013)

Chase is a 2013 major comic created by MEGAKID III


After the death of Zane, Jenna and Danny, Andrew has no where to end up but for once a mysterious figure comes in the way to offer Andrew to join a new school called Tenzore Academy to capture him. It is a trap but at first, Andrew meets a new girl called Jenny and a boy called Percy who ride automobiles and other ways of transport to get away from the minions of Tenzore Academy


  • Andrew
  • Jenny
  • Percy
  • Zane (cameo)
  • Jenna (cameo)
  • Danny (cameo)


  • The titles for working titles were The Chase and Chase of the Century

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