Big Ben (or Elizabeth Tower after the Diamond Jubilee) is a famous clock tower in London, United Kingdom.


Big Ben as seen in Chaos Relay


Big Ben is saw in Chaos Relay when the arrow Tom throws from the Olympic Stadium flys past the tower. It is seen again at the end of the video when it crashs down on the ground making a big dung sound. (Chaos Relay)

The clock tower of Big Ben appears as a cameo in WTFuture when it shows how Matt created the universe. It is saw in the background from the Napolen's statue in Traflagar's Square in London (WTFuture)

It is saw again as destroyed when everyone in London went mad after seeing Edd's movie (MovieMakers)

Future episodes

Big Ben appeared in PremierNetwork's Eddsworld Series 2 opener, Opening of the Damned in an modern-themed  urban-thriller London episode.