Eddsworld episode
"Are You Seeing This"
Andrew looking at Edd, Tom and Matt
Episode no. Series 1
Episode 2
Original airdate October 10, 2012
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Are You Seeing This is the second episode of the first series of PremierNetwork's Eddsworld.


Andrew finds that Edd, Tom and Matt have been turned into toddlers, adults and all other diffirent things but will he find a way to bring them back to their normal selfs?


Tom and Andrew are at a night club playing to Bohemian Rhapsody, Tom is playing Susan and Edd and Matt are watching both of them on the stage. A woman in a dark shadow is listening to them and she is thinking of cursing them with Y.O.U.T.H which is a curse whch turns adults into babys.

Back at Edd's house, Andrew tells Tom that he is going out tonight to see his old friends. Matt then says "Well I have painting lessons tonight". Edd then says "Wow, Matt, I didn't know you went to an art class!"

After a great night out at a Premier Inn restraunt, Andrew returns home and when he enters, Edd, Matt and Tom fall asleep but then they transform overnight,

The next day, Andrew wakes up and gets changed and then later heads to Edd's house, It is quiet when he enters,
Are u seeing this pic

Andrew seeing Edd, Matt and Tom as babys

then Andrew hears a faint noise outside the backyard. Andrew started hearing a baby crying, Andrew then enters the backyard and when he sees Edd and the gang as babys, he shouts "OH MY GOD!!!" Matt begins to cry.

Ross is asking for dinner but when Ross's mother Gillian hears it, she runs outside and see's Andrew holding something, Andrew tells Gillian that his friends have all turned into children.

Then all of them transform into teenage girls, Andrew has a weird face on. They then transform again into kids, Tom pushes Matt and Matt pushes Edd. Later Andrew pulls them up, he takes them to his Volkswagen Up! and drives them too the old lady who put a curse on them

The old lady then says NO, I CAN NOT CHANGE THEM, Andrew goes bonkers and then Matt then starts punching her, she then turns them back and Andrew squeeses all of them. They leave the old lady's house. At the end there a mysterious shadow behind them but who is it?

DVD release

The episode was be released on Eddsworld: The Complete First Series


The episode will release on this DVD




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