Antibodies as a9000 robot
Antibodies taken shape of an A9000 robot from The Simpsons
Name: Antibodies
First Appearance: Opening of the Prequel
Tenure: {{{tenure}}}
Last Appearance: Hidden In Water
Voice Actor: Unknown

Antibodies was an entity which could form things from the human mind.


An Antibody kidnapped Andrew and placed him inside a A-9000 robot suit, because of this, Andrew watched the Simpsons earlier and the Antibodies caught Andrew thinking sbout the robots in his human mind and the Antibodies formed into them. They placed Andrew underneath the River Thames to wait to destroy London (Opening of the Prequel)

The C.H.I.A company kidnapped Andrew and forced him in a robot suit, the agents of the C.H.I.A locked all of the doors in the house so Edd, Tom and Matt couldn't save Andrew. The Antibodies controled all of the C.H.I.A agents


The Antibodies are able to catch a picture from the human mind (e.g, Tom thinks of a cat), the Antibodies turn into a cat but the cat would still be powerful

Notable individalsEdit


  • They are similar to the A9000 robots from the Simpsons episode, Them, Robot
  • They are also parodys of Cybermen

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