Andrew Comics
Publication information
Publisher PremierComics
Schedule Daily
Format 10-20 pages (1 in shorts)
Genre Children's, Adult's
Publication date 23 June 2004 — present
Number of issues 6,401 (as of April 2013)

Andrew Comics are comics created by MEGAKID III, the comics started in 2004. They are still running today.

Series of ComicsEdit

To see Andrew's World Comics page on the wiki, click here

  1. Andrew Comics (2004—2011)
  2. Andrew's Adventure Comics (2011—2012)
  3. Andrew's World Comics (2012—2013)
  4. Welcome to My World (2013)
  5. New Life (2014)
  6. Series 6 (2015)


Main CharactersEdit

  • Andrew (2004—)
  • Luke (2013—)
  • Nikki (2013—)

Former charactersEdit

List of former characters

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