Andrew has been designed by MEGAKID III but the most about Andrew is the clothing.


Series 1—2Edit

Andrew's first design was created by MEGAKID III in 2012. MEGAKID III wanted to create his own character after
Animator delux

Andrew's first design was a lime hoodie and a yellow t-shirt

watching Eddsworld for 5 years. Andrew's first design was included a lime hoodie, a yellow t-shirt and blue jeans. The reason why MEGAKID III wanted to choose the lime green hoodie for Andrew was because that was his favoruite colour.

Andrew's first design was used from Series 1 to Series 3. The design of Andrew was quite similar to Edd. The first time the design was used was in the PremierNetwork episode of Eddsworld, Asylum of the Zombehs and will make it's last appearance in the Series 1 episode, Zombieland

Series 2—Edit


Andrew's second design was a new red jacket with a white t-shirt

Andrew's second design was unvelied on April 21, 2013. In his new design, he had a new red jacket, similar to Zeo Abyss's jacket from Beyblade: Metal Fury.

The new design will be featured in the Series 2 episode, Opening of the Damned. MEGAKID III really likes the design of the new Andrew, the jacket was designed by MEGAKID III. On the right hand side of the jacket has a "A" on it.

Evolution of AndrewEdit

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