Andrew's Crazy World title screen

The series's title screen

 Andrew's Crazy World was a cancelled series created by Andrew Palmer. The show was meant to air in April and would be rated TV-PG in the United States and PG in the United Kingdom.


Andrew Palmer is living a life of his own in the world of Kjenzna, and he enjoys it. Then one day, all his friends end up being homeless, and the friends are forced to live together. The show focuses on the crazy antics going on in Andrew's new life and characters turning everyday chores into wacky, dangerous adventures (such as getting sucked into a video game).



  • Andrew Palmer - The main protagonist of the series. He is best friends with Kelton and dislikes Rocko due to his wacky antics (such as putting Andrew's iPod in a blender to see what happens). He was voiced by Andrew Palmer.
  • Joseph "Stickman" Stickler - The main tritagonist of the series. Originally the star of a comic series, but later retired. He likes to relax and dislikes all characters for acting immature. He is usually seen reading a book, with a different title for every episode ("Harry Potter", "The History of Everything"  "Roommates for Dummies", etc). He was voiced by Andrew Palmer.
  • Rocky Stickdy - Has been friends with Stickman for years. He hates his life due to the fact that he has "the worst brother in the history of the world" (Rocko). He is usually seen eating a piece of pizza.
  • Rocko Stickdy - Rocko is Rocky's brother. He acts crazy all the time due to having mental issues. Sometimes his craziness can get out of control and cause the injury of a character. He was voiced by Mason Lechner.
  • Tara - The only main character of the female gender. She is usually seen animating or blogging. She will not be voiced by anyone.


  • Jeff - A hidden murderer, He will not be voiced by anyone.

Voice actorsEdit

  • Andrew Palmer - Andrew Palmer, Stickman, various other characters
  • Mason Lechner - Rocko


The series originally started as "Andrew's Animated Adventures" with crudely-drawn neckless humanoids of Palmer's friends as the main characters. The series originally was to have 3 girl characters, one a warrior, one a Sonic fan character, and one a blogger. The first two were deleted from the series, but the blogger girl (Tara) stuck. The warrior girl was also known to be the main antagonist in the movie. After many changes, the characters's facial expressions, clothes, and design were changed. The new characters had realistic eyes, ears, and short-sleeve clothes. Later on the ears were removed for unknown reasons. It was also revealed the "stick people" in the series were actually skinny people wearing black clothing. Many have rumored this was done due to "now that it's revealed they wear clothes, there will be more nudity jokes", but the rumors are false. The series was also renamed Andrew's Crazy World and Andrew's shirt design was changed from red to black. The series has now became what it is today.

In May 2013, after creator Andrew got in a fight with co-creator Kelton, their friendship ended, causing the series to get a cancellation. It will be replaced with a new series titled "The Awesome Life of Ryan" and Andrew will make cameo appearances.


  • Many people think Rocko's name is taken from the 1993 television series Rocko's Modern Life (which has given creator Andrew Palmer inspiration) but since he is Rocky's brother Palmer decided to give him a similar name
  • Some episodes would have a TV-14 rating due to violence
  • A movie is in production and is scheduled for 2014, but it will not be based off the series.


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