Alaska was a ship which was were Gwen Williams worked for a few years. The ship crashed underneath Edd's garden and he, Edd, Tom and Matt digged underneath the garden to find what that noise was, Edd previously dug a hole in Ruined which led him to an Eygptian toom. Once the gang were underground, they found a girl named Gwen who was trapped underground, she told them that there was an underground ruin before Gwen came here (Asylum of the Zombehs)

Andrew mentioned the ship Alaska again for telling Edd what happend during the Gwen Williams incident (The Day Tom Ruled Christmas)


  • Asylum of the Zombehs
  • The Day Tom Ruled Christmas (Mentioned)
  • A Mysterious Foe (Flashback)
  • Lost Souls (Flashback-ception)
  • Zombieland

Upcoming appearances

  • Trip to the US
  • Opening of the Damned (Last Appearance)


  • Alaska is the same name ship as saw on Doctor Who where Clara Oswin Oswald worked as a Junior Entertainment Manager, Gwen Williams in slighty simliar to Clara Oswin Oswald as she has the same storyline a bit