Eddsworld episode
"10th Anniversary Special"
Episode no. Series 3
Episode 6
Original airdate 28 April 2014
Episode chronology
Previous Next
"Slience of the Zombies" "TBA"
List of all Eddsworld episodes

The 10th anniversary special is an upcoming special to represent 10 years of Eddsworld



  • Edd
  • Tom
  • Matt
  • Andrew
  • Tord (guest)


  • It was annonuced on June 23, 2013
  • The special is due to air in April 2014


  • The Bumming Crew may have a crossover with Eddsworld. They will have there latest appearance in the Series 3, Episode 2 episode, Bummingworld
  • Gwen may have an appearance
  • Commander Bai was said to be in the special

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